12 avril 2019

visuel enquête satisfaction

Candidates who trusted us in 2018 by meeting us are 95% satisfied with our services. They underline in particular the respect and attention given to them during the evaluation of their application, as well as the professionalism and the quality of the exchange time shared with the consultant.


100% of the candidates appreciated the pleasant and professional welcome they received from ADH.

80% of respondents put forward the quality and relevance of the information provided to prepare themselves before the meeting (job description, clear presentation of the company and the context of the need).

90% of the applications handled by ADH appreciate getting a response from a consultant in less than 15 days.


ADH places the candidates’ expectations at the heart of its concerns. Based on the comments gathered during the 2018 survey, we identified 3 areas of work:

> Maintain the quality of listening and professionalism By understanding the expectations of everyone, including candidates, we are able to to better inform you and advise you in your steps.

> Ensure better integration monitoring We are systematically vigilant to ensure smooth integration of recruited candidates. We will increase the exchange time to better accompany you, candidates recruited, and this as soon as the post takes.

> Inform about the relevance of our tools and our evaluations, by giving clear explanations on their use and encouraging our candidates to ask a return of their tests.

We wanted to thank all the people who responded to our inquiry, thanks to your opinions and commentary we will be able together, to advance our quality of service.

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