Personal Training Account: Reform

12 April 2019

visuel CPF

CPA or Personal Activity Account

It is available since January 2017, and reflects the entire path of the person and allows everyone to secure their career by retaining their rights to training while strengthening their autonomy and freedom of action, and taking in consideration of the difficulty and building his professional project.

Who is concerned ?

All assets from the age of 16 regardless of their status (private sector employees, jobseekers, public officials or self-employed persons) and retirees. The rights of these accounts are acquired and usable throughout your life to train, even in case of change of business or job loss.

It groups access to three devices:

  • The CPF (Personal Training Account): created on January 1, 2015, it replaces the DIF (Individual Right to Training).
  • The CEC (Citizen Engagement Account): created on January 1, 2017, it lists the activities of volunteering or volunteering.
  • The CPP (Pensions Prevention Account): created in July 2016, for employees working in difficult conditions (noise, night work …).

The recent reform of vocational training aims to secure career paths to prevent and combat unemployment. It involves various changes including the Personal Training Account. Future decrees will specify how it will be implemented. From 2019, the Personal Training Account is now monetized, credited in euros (and no longer in hours), due to:

  • 500 euros per year for part-time and full-time employees, capped at 5000 euros
  • 800 euros per year for low-skilled employees, capped at 8000 euros

-> As a reminder before 2019 the CPF was credited in “hours” at the rate of 24 hours / year for 5 years then 12 hours / year up to the ceiling of 150 hours, for a full time.

Your CPF can help you finance:

  • training actions
  • a skills assessment
  • the light vehicle driver’s license
  • support for the creation of a company
  • a validation of acquired experience (VAE)
  • obtaining a certification or habilitation

How will I be informed about the status of my account?

You will have access to your CPF counter on administered by Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations.
Thus, you will be able to consult the status of your CPF counter and the list of the trainings to which you have access with your CPF. Good news, a mobile application is available to facilitate these steps.

3 types of CPF are available:

  • The “autonomous” CPF at the sole initiative of the person concerned (to be used outside working time). Mobilization is free and allows each person to choose the appropriate training from a catalog offered on the site. With the future mobile application, no prior validation and no other administrative steps will be required.
  • The CPF “co-builds” a shared approach between the employer and his employee (to be used outside working hours or on working time). The aim is to build together, employer and employee, training projects around a common interest. For this, it will require an agreement between the two parties as well as a mobilization of the CPF account of the employee, with possibility of financial contribution from the employer if the agreement of the company or the professional branch is given.
  • The Transition CPF which replaces the Individual Training Leave (CIF – training leave to qualify, evolve or reconvert with authorized absence from the workstation). The award criteria remain to be defined and will be made public probably after the decree of 17 December 2018.

 -> You can also have recourse to the Council in Professional Evolution or CEP: It is a free accompaniment which makes it possible to inform, guide and help to formalize a project of professional evolution as well as to implement it.

What happens if you change jobs?

You retain your rights, the CPF is attached to the person throughout his professional life, even in case of loss of employment, until retirement.

What happens to my remaining hours?

The hours present on your DIF meter as of December 31, 2014 must be reported on the new CPF meter. These deferred CPF rights may be used until 31 December 2020, no longer under the conditions of use of the DIF, but in those of the CPF.

-> If you have questions about your career plan or how to advise your staff, ask an ADH consultant for advice.


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